Wednesday, February 27, 2008

In the corner

Alternate title: When the nerds finally get comfy

Alternate alternate title: Calling John Hughes

My dear old friend Carrie, recently found on facebook, made my post for me today.

Mostly when you see photos from your past, they are photos that you took yourself or photos you have had in your possession for a while. So it's not particularly surprising.

This one, Carrie had. I hadn't seen myself this way in a long time. Eighteen years. In the corner outside the art room, eating lunch with my friends.

Notable features:
  • pegged pants
  • imitation Converse (they were actually Esprit; I got them at a deep-discount store called Gabriel's in West Virginia. I wonder if it is still there?)
  • thrift-store plaid vest
  • army-surplus backpack
  • notebook containing manuscript of soap opera about Greek hotel magnates, written by me and two friends during our uber-boring World History class
  • bad-attitude girlfriend
  • skinny but cute guy friend trying to look hot
And lest you miss the vital element of the John Hughes movie that was my life in 1989, here is the boy I was falling for at the time:

We grew up and got married.

There's a lot more in the middle, but can't you see this as a movie starring Molly Ringwald?


Sara said...

Oh, those were the good old days. Check out that Pepsi can! And yes, Gabriel's is still there! Is this in Bethel? That guy looks familiar...should I remember him?

Ana said...

No, it was right after I moved to Alaska. That guy is my husband!

SalGal said...

I'm thinking he should use that picture on his resume. You know, in case the other thing doesn't work out. If it does, he could always use it as his university ID.

Teri Le said...

ROFL - I love it. And is G trying to make up for the hairdo then by going bald now???

Séminaire Cergy said...

oh my... he doesn't do anything half-way, does he?


You look the same--you were "cute" then, classy now. But G? lol... (this is an anti-mullet--I still prefer that over a mullet, lol)

Ana said...

It drives real baldies crazy - if he didn't bic his head he'd still have a pretty full head of hair.

S.C., are you N. in Paris? Mysterious French person.

I do look mostly the same ... from the chin up ... except for a little wrinkle on my brow. Maybe when I turn 35 I will go for a little Botoxie.

Sara said...

No the guy in the first photo...or is that Alaska too?

Ana said...

Yeah, that's Alaska, too. The guy's name is Dave.

Kari said...

Isn't it hilarious to remember "those" days! I find that 'do on G so interesting! Could never imagine him in it now. Isn't it fun to walk down memory lane?!

ang said...

Does your dh realize you did him a huge favor by marrying him??? Yikes! What a do!

Ana said...

Ang, I really am the lucky one. He was far cuter than pictures could portray (even my friends at the time said so) and I loved the crazy hair. And he grew up totally hot, I must say. (See

Margaret said...

I absolutely love it!! Too cool! And honestly Ana you look just the same! But Glen, whoa, what a super punk rocker. Love it!

Denise said...

Nuh uh, that is NOT the same guy who's trying to be all respectable and professorial now. I LOVE it!

Lisa said...

I just love finding old pictures! Love the stories that go with them too!

kris... said...

hard to believe that is the SAME guy!!!

Heidi said...

G needs to grow his hair back out - he's totally hot! LOL! In hind sight - it's kind of cool to grow up with a wacky family - you may not have actually thought he was all that if you hadn't!!!

Lucy said...

Oh, Ana, you guys are adorable. Sadly, I never had that kind of style.

Dana said...

Aaron had the long skater hair in high school. But danged if I was not secretly attracted to guys like your G and like my A.

I always did like my guys a little edgy... :P