Monday, February 18, 2008

A day called hope

Guess what I did today.

I stayed home all day with four kids. Well, home except for a two-hour park outing. And I didn't throttle anybody. I don't think I've even yelled, except for calling people to tell them it was time to leave the park.

It was going remarkably smoothly until just now when I sent them all to absorb the last of the day's sunlight. They decided to play in the hose. Baby, too. It's kind of warm now, but not that warm. Then, at my insistence, they came in and fought over the Nintendo. Not even the Wii. The old Nintendo, the N64 or SuperNintendo or whatever the heck it is. Total knock-down drag-out. So now they are all on their beds crying.

But *I* didn't throttle them, and if they throttle each other, that's their own darn problem.

So maybe I can do this again, someday.


WatchMeLoseWeight said...

Every day is a victory lol!


Victoria said...

Sounds like a good! I let mine throttle each other here and there, builds character right? :)