Thursday, February 07, 2008

Almost grown

This is so exciting: my husband is short-listed for a faculty job!

It is almost like I am going to have a real, grown-up life!

The stars must align and heaven must smile on us for this job to pan out, and for the foster kids to turn into just regular kids (of ours!) within the next six months so that we can move all together. People ask me that a lot. What would have to happen is that we'd have to get them in adoptive placement rather than foster placement, and then we should be able to do an Interstate Compact for Placement of Children and just move all together. And I would go contract and keep doing work for my current workplace, just like I did with my job from before S was born. But with 4 more years experience I can charge a lot more!

We are praying our guts out. If it works, we will have our dream life. Seriously, I can't imagine much of anything that would be better.

It's a very happy day! Even just the dreaming is very, very fun!


SalGal said...

Woo woo!!!! (doing the happy dance)

Lucy said...

As another member of the 30+ almost grown club, I send a congratulatory high five. Woot!

I really hope that short lists gets REAL short soon!

WatchMeLoseWeight said...

That is so, so, so wonderful! I will pray and then pray some more!