Monday, February 04, 2008

Cold play

As in cold playground. Although our favorite babysitter did teach A the intro to "Clocks" on the piano (you know, Coldplay) and that was one good reason for leaving the house this past Saturday. It had to happen, before somebody killed somebody.

This is a pretty cool little park in the new neighborhood near my work that I would love to live in and now with the housing bust could maybe afford, but considering that G is almost done with a Ph.D. it might not be a good time for us to sock a bunch of money into a house here. Plus the houses are Ick.

Anyway it was dang cold out there, but I got some cute pictures of the kids.

Z toddled around in the wood chips and only did a couple of face plants.

A (ever the fashion innovator, you will notice) conquered the spiderweb. That mark between his eyes came from a fight with a gate at the afterschool program. Ouch.

K rocked the swings. I can't wait until he learns to pump. I don't mind standing there pushing when it is nice outside. But when the weather's like this I just want to go hide in the jungle gym.

Which is what S did. He is increasingly photo-shy lately - such a mystery because he is really incredibly handsome. Not that you can tell from this fetal-position pose. He got much happier once we got back home and out of the cold.

These two are just too funny not to include. Click to enlarge if you want the full effect of the facial expressions.

And lest you start believing that I somehow don't have a favorite child, I offer you Z's big cheese smile.

Finally, the hottie husband. I really am so lucky.

I am ready for spring, now.


kris... said...

That is the cutest cheese smile I've ever seen!!!

Lisa said...

AHHH those pictures made me smile :)

Marta said...

You guys are just too, dang, cute. Really now.

Dana said...

Your kids are getting so big Ana. And they are all just dolls. :)

*Mini* said...

Looks like you guys had a blast!