Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Somehow we got this ball ...

By default, I guess.

My in-laws are having their 50th wedding anniversary later this spring. G is almost the baby of the family and we kind of expected some of the older and better established siblings (read: wealthier siblings) to take the ball and run -- to organize some kind of get-together. Not so. Kind of surprising.

But maybe this is for the best. Now we can get things started and organize a party close to home. It makes sense, since the place my in-laws lived as newlyweds was -- TA-DAH! -- San Francisco, two hours away from us.

Dare I hope we can control this? Get all these fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants mad-scientist physics types and busy grown-ups with teenagers to actually come together on a planned event that they are not in charge of? Scary.

Also that we can avoid paying for plane fare to Montana or Alaska or driving to Arizona, and going through the process of trying to get a court order to travel out of state with Z?

And there are some gorgeous big beach houses near San Francisco that we could get into if everybody pitched in. (I was going to link them but then you might take them for your family reunion!)

It seems almost too good, now that I think of it this way. We'll just pray for buy-in.


Victoria said...

Sounds like fun! I hope you get to plan it all and it works out. Have any food and other ideas yet?

SalGal said...

Hey, I tried emailing you and it got sent back. Do you not have the sbcglobal addy anymore?

Ana said...

I don't. Try anshaw at clearwire dot net.