Tuesday, March 27, 2007

What kind of harassment is this?

So G is leaving tonight for a meeting. For the last two days he has been at home maybe a total of 4 hours. He spent the night in the office last night working on his poster. Then this morning I dropped Z off with him for maybe 10 minutes so he could (1) see her and (2) give her a bottle while I got my computer out of my office and prepare to work at home for the day.

A professor (not G's advisor, but a different professor, who shall remain nameless) came in and said, "So, G, are you still a Ph.D. student?"

G replied in the affirmative. The professor said, "Looks like another kind of work to me."

I am fuming! I am barely holding myself back from sending this pompous a$$ a nasty e-mail. I don't think it would be at all helpful to G if I did that. Neither would it be helpful to me, as I have to work with this professor occasionally.

If G were a woman taking a 10 minute break to nurse a baby, this kind of harassment would be illegal, I am pretty sure. But for a father, I am not sure what kind of harassment it is or whether it is illegal. All I know is that it is so, so wrong.


SalGal said...

It's the kind of harassment that comes from someone jealous of the happiness that you & G have with Z. Someone who will be very lonely in their old age because they don't have any Z's that want to be near them because they wouldn't spend time loving them when they were young!

(I have another, more charitable version, but I'm in a feisty mood today!)

Ana said...

That's what's puzzling. He actually has children.

If he were G's advisor he would be within his rights to say "please don't bring the baby to the lab anymore." But beyond that it is none of his business. I STILL feel like sending him a nasty e-mail. But for some reason, today I seem to have moderately good impulse control.

Some people.

Victoria said...

Sounds like a @#$! Sorry, I would just chalk it up to a bad day or an attitude problem. ??

Teri Le said...

It always amazes me how people will make a snap judgement based on 1 minute of the day, and not on the whole experience of the person. Sometimes, you just have to think inwardly, "This person is a moron and has absolutely NO clue."

Sometimes, it helps.