Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Lull and tutus

We are in a lull at work. Tox screen results may be back Friday, and then we'll see what happens.

I learned how to say "tox screen" instead of the long and unwieldy "toxicology screening" from my favorite show. I think maybe it makes me sound more experienced than I am in working with news about dead teenagers, which is of course not experienced at all except for this one story, now. Which has consumed virtually every waking moment since Sunday afternoon, and a few moments before that. I am not made for grief. It wears me out.

Anyway in this lull my boss encouraged me to take an afternoon off. So I have been photographing tutus and posting them in my new online shop on

You would think I would be done talking about tutus, a year later. But I still had all these in my garage and you know, I don't think Z is going to be able to use quite all of them. And I put some money in supplies and still would like to think perhaps I could break even. Perhaps.

That's all I've got for ya today.


Kris... said...

Good luck on etsy! I opened up a shop there, too, a few weeks ago ... so good luck to us both! Someday I need to invest in one of your tutu's, my Ashlee would LOVE it!

Bek said...

Yay for tutu's.

Have a good weekend.

MaryRuth said...

We're big House fans too!

Cute Tutu's... I used to have one when I was little.