Monday, March 26, 2007

Not a booger (I swear)

So just to catch you all up ...

After last week's stress at work, I got a little cold. I kicked its booty with lots of zinc and my favorite remedy. No sick days, thank you very much. I am tough.

On Saturday I folded 8 loads of laundry. Two that never got folded last week (thank you G for intending to finish the laundry for me last week). I also sorted through all the boys' clothes to make sure they only have seasonally appropriate, non-stained, non-ripped, clothing that actually fits them in their drawers. This included hemming up three pair of cutoffs and some sleeves that S chewed through when he was a kindergartener. Yeah, he's still a little oral. Anyway. I also cleaned bathrooms and made the snacks below.

Somehow, all of this decided to manifest itself in a ginormous zit on the edge of my nostril. You know the kind that kind of glows and throbs so you feel like you're walking around with a flashing light on your face?

Even when I put makeup on it, it still looks pretty suspicious. Once I read a very clever definition of naivete: the condition wherein you think that if you put concealer on your zits, no one will see them. Wish I could remember where to credit that one.

So all three boys (even the thirtysomething one, to be clear) are repeatedly asking me if I want a Kleenex. It's so charming. Next week they can just fold their own darn laundry.


Denise said...

Sounds like I've spent the greater part of my life walking around in a naive fog, lol. I know those zits, I feel your pain.

Bek said...

Poor Ana... after all that drama last week the least you could do is NOT have to battle zits and colds.

I love the "treatish" snack below. Yummmm

SalGal said...

Um, it's not all of a sudden that the baths are a Mosaic curse. It's been that way for four years now.

Nothin' but showers from now on!

Utahdoula said...

Does it make you feel better that my dh (who will be 40 next month) chews holes in his shirts, too? Though they are on the neckline, which makes the shirts unsalvageable. He just pulls them up and chews on them when he's grappling with a tough problem. And he's a programmer, and those bugs can drive programmers crazy!

Ana said...

Sal, I am mainly looking forward to it being hot enough that I can just take the boys outside and hose them down, and they will think it's fun instead of cruel.

Utahdoula ... so maybe I can hold out hope for a career in programming for S? That's not so bad. As long as I am not in charge of keeping him in shirts!!