Monday, March 05, 2007

Cheese in the trees

I love this picture ... largely because you can see in it that I encourage my kids to be fashion weirdos. Union Jack socks? Okay! Cheetah pants with a tail? Yes, go for it!

Also because you can see my genius dad making sure my kids don't fall and break their legs. I wish we could all be together every single weekend.

Also because, hello, fabulous smiles. I love my boys.

This was at Woodward Park in Fresno a couple of weeks ago. Very fun place to spend an afternoon checking out the ducks and geese, climbing trees and exploring the Japanese garden.

Just thought I'd go for an easy, fun post today. The last few have been kind of intense.


Victoria said... can you not love those sweeties! Looks like Justyce dressing himself too, hee hee!

Sounds like a great place, I LOVE Japanese gardens!

Kate said...

Your S and my Michael look so much alike with their big smiles and goofy clothes! I think they should be pen pals!!!

Love the pic, Ana... cute boys!

Julie Pippert said...

My friend said my daughter and hers will add a huge splash of color and creativity to kindergarten next year due to their unique mode of dress.

I therefore obviously think it is GREAT that you encourage that. :)

Cute boys, great photo!

SalGal said...

Dah-link! I thought it was the 17th, but this Saturday works too! Well, it does if we can get the sickos to go away... :(

Can you believe my baby will be 4 in a week from Wednesday???

And I am so sad that you can't make it for the baptism, but my real, live sister is actually coming (can you see the heart attack I'm having?!) with her family and I am sooooo happy!! She'll keep me distracted that you're not there.

Bek said...

What sweet boys!!! Love it

Kristine said...

I love cheese...and this is the best kind!

I love that you can see some of your boys' personalities shining through in that picture.

Truly precious!
Thanks for sharing.