Sunday, January 01, 2006

Ring in the new

I did it by sleeping for 3 hours this afternoon. How about you?

My plans for 2006:
  • Keep losing weight. It's so nice not to have to make habit changes. I'm already doing what I need to do! I am down 12 pounds from my high weight and 9 pounds from where I was in October when I started Body for Life.
  • Kick start my personal scripture study. It has languished since I started working in July 2004. I can tell the difference.
  • Buy a gosh darn house. We have a strong candidate here in our neighborhood, currently owned by some friends who want to do a deal with no realtors and save us all some dough. It's not quite as cute as our current rental, but we can make it that way in time!
  • Support dear husband in some crazy plans that he has made me promise not to tell about. Ooooooooohhhhh, suspense! Let's just say, if it works, we will be in Merced permanently, and that would be a good thing.
  • Get dear husband to start supporting my in my crazy plans to put some more kids in this family. Officially, at our last conversation, we agreed to discuss it again in January with the aim of making a decision about how to move forward. It's January, but I don't want to seem pushy. Maybe we can talk tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow -- I'll be back at the office. Seems kind of surreal.


Kelly (Hull) Jacobs said...

Ana! I've been reading your archives for almost two hours (ah, the luxury of Sunday evenings when I've had a nap and the kids are in bed at 8) and its taken me that long to figure out that I can leave a note here for you! (Being married to a techie counts for nothing.) We've all had the flu this week and my house and life is in its usual Sunday night looks-like-a-bomb-went-off" state and it has been so good to just read and read and read about your life and to ponder your blogged questions (how in the world do you modify the word "blog"? I'm new to this...) and to see Sam and Abe so big and to wish Braden would throw a Napoleon Dynamite anniversary party for me. It's 12:39 now, so I suppose I'll have to go back and read the remainder of the archives tomorrow (there are still some mysteries I need to solve...I guess that's what happens when you read about a persons life in reverse chronological order) There were a ton of entries I would have liked to comment on (had I known how to comment when I read them)---I noticed Ben Seekins' response to your note and I laughed and laughed...what are the odds that he would read that??...I think I would have written a similar description about him...I liked reading what he wrote and you responded with your usual grace) but maybe I should just track down a phone number and talk to you in person. I miss you.

Ana said...

Kelly! Heh, now I had to go back and make sure everything you just read about me was okay. And I'm up too late. And I have to work tomorrow! DANG IT!

Yeah, that thing about Ben Seekins ... I was embarrassed. How dumb of me not to consider the fact that people Google themselves! And how inconsiderate of me to write that way. Anyway.

Glad you visited! I'll email your yahoo address tomorrow with my phone number.