Monday, January 23, 2006

Job rave

Walking between the parking lot and my office today, I watched a blue heron take flight out of Little Lake (so named to avoid confusion with Lake Yosemite, which is right next to campus -- yes, I know, it's tough.)

This morning, I arranged for a faculty member to provide comments on a story about evaporation of irrigation water increasing temperatures in the Valley.

At lunchtime, I took some photos of our congressman visiting with students and got to hear his recollections about bringing the campus to our town.

This afternoon, I'm proofing the virtual tour I wrote the copy and selected the photos for, editing an article about a professor who studies how children ask questions of adults (3 questions every 2 minutes, and yes, I'll vouch for that), and wrote a brief about another professor who will be studying the evolution of shell loss in sea hares. That's a kind of sea slug. See, the things I learn?

I so love my job and never want to leave it. Praying praying praying ...


SalGal said...

I'm questioning the data on the three questions in two minutes. I'm sure my kids can get in way more than that.

Very awesome about the blue heron, though. I see some kind of pretty white bird that is long necked and long legged but I don't know its real name. Maybe we'll have to get a birding book on our next B&N binge!

Ana said...

I have an audubon book at home! We should use it!

And you know, that number is just an average. Above average kids are obviously going to ask an above average number of questions.

Like, enough to wear out your ears, huh?

SalGal said...

You know, I suspected our above average kids might skew that data, but I didn't want your other readers to feel bad so I didn't say anything.

Bring the book when we have IKEA day!