Saturday, January 21, 2006

Normal and not normal

I was walking around the creek trail loop near my house this morning, thinking about myself. It's nice to be a tad self-centered sometimes. I was thinking -- there are some ways I'm very normal, and some ways I'm definitely not.

  • 30-something, married with two kids
  • Two-income family (sort of)
  • Two cars, one of which is a minivan
  • Living in a 3/2 ranch on a small lot in a midsize American town
  • Want to lose weight
  • Want to be more organized
  • Want to be more spiritual
  • Think I might someday write a novel
  • Have a treadmill gathering cobwebs in my garage
  • Have a love-hate relationship with the whole Oprah phenomenon
  • Have a love-hate relationship with the whole scrapbooking phenomenon
  • Love me some Target clearance
  • Have weird dreams

Not Normal

  • Mormon
  • Mormon liberal
  • Unexplained soft spot for West Africa
  • Transracial-adoptive parent
  • Two gay brothers
  • Eat tofu regularly
  • Went to high school in Alaska
  • Former theater person
  • Let my kids dress themselves -- in bulldog long johns and a fair isle sweater vest, if they choose
  • Like opera and bluegrass
  • Do not own any real sofas, just a futon and a hand-me-down hide-a-bed
  • Have weird dreams and tell people about them


SalGal said...

Ok, the Mormon liberal thing is not normal but some of that other stuff is. Some moms let their kids dress themselves in colors and patterns that would make you ask yourself "Are they colorblind?" And there are probably a lot more former theater people out there than you think. I'll bet they're all Mormon, too. Hahahahahahah! I tell people about my funky dreams, and I call people long-distance about them. I write about them to complete strangers on the internet! And P.S. Harry Reid? Mormon Democrat.

SalGal said...

p.s.p.s. My brother's not gay, but he does a great imitation of one!

cmhl said...

may I say---- you ROCK with your suggestion of hte dawn dish soap to fix my unfortunate event w/ my daughter's hair! worked like a charm!!!

Ana said...

Thanks, cmhl ... anything to help another lady with Mt. Washmore on the couch.

Sal, you may be interested to know that where I fit on the political spectrum is the perfect Utah Democrat. Which means in any other state Democrat is a bit too far left for me. I'm really almost dead center on almost everything, or at least so far right on some issues that it makes up for my leftist leanings on other issues and I average out to center.

For a Mormon, that's still pretty dang liberal.

But don't you go calling me a Democrat. We're in California, for heaven's sakes. Democrat means something different here than it did back home.

Actually the whole two-party system, I find pretty distasteful in its current state.

Blah blah blah!

Allison said...

Ana, your explanation of "the perfect Utah Democrat" fits me to a T. It took me about a month after moving out of state to realize I'm an extreme moderate and that I'm annoyed by extremists on both ends of the spectrum.

By the way, I took your book recommendation and got my hands on a copy of Zorro the other day... unfortunately it was in Spanish, but I will read it someday.

beckbot said...

yay! another person in the world who is Mormon and ambivalent about scrapbooking and Oprah. If I have to see another perfectly coiffed lady in a state of euphoria as Oprah makes her grand entrance, I will vomit. And yet I still occasionally tune in..

Do you have any sisters in Houston?