Friday, December 09, 2005

Shoring up my confidence

My inlaws are coming. My house is a disaster. In the time since DH cleaned it on Wednesday, we managed to trash it.

They are not here to judge my housekeeping skills, right? Right?

My mother in law is an immaculate housekeeper. When she stays with me, she spends the entire time washing my dishes. It's not that she disapproves of my home, she says, and I think I believe her. It's just that she can't stand to sit still. Keeping busy with housework is what she has done all her life.

Maybe we just need to get her addicted to blogging, or something.

So anyway, yes, I suck at housework. But there are a lot of things I don't suck at. I'm going to make the list I encouraged Sally to make earlier today. I do love a good list. Maybe you've figured that out by now.

Stuff I don't suck at

  • Writing press releases
  • Writing stories
  • Reading books
  • Cooking dinner, sometimes almost out of thin air
  • Reading to my kids
  • Choosing good stuff from the clearance rack, secondhand store, or discount store
  • Loving my kids and being very demonstrative about it
  • Taking care of some very cute 14 and 15 year old girls at church
  • Creating a happy Christmas for my family
  • Bringing home the bacon
  • Frying it up in the pan
  • Never never never letting someone forget he's a MAN
  • Dyeing my own hair
  • Giving advice (others might disagree)
  • Voting (always)
  • Giving blood (sometimes)
  • Singing
  • Keeping up with current music
  • Making choral arrangements of songs (so far no one has seen these but me but I think they're all right)
  • Keeping in touch with friends
  • Exercising (lately)
  • Eating healthy (lately, mostly)
  • Proofreading Web site text

Heh, guess I better get back to work; it's not the weekend yet! Wish me luck in all my insecurity!


SalGal said...

Hey Ana Banana! I know it wasn't you. I actually know who it is but I recently gave her my blog address and didn't want to say that. I bet your visit with the inlaws goes well. Stressful, but well! Love you guys!!

Lisa M. said...


I loved your list.

Your wit comes through loud and clear. Good luck with the In-Laws.

My Mother in Law took a bit of time from cleaning my house to go through my check book ledger. *smile*

Don't know which is worse!