Monday, December 05, 2005

Guest post from Ana's keys

Hey guys! It's Ana's keys here! Get your keys over here to read this! Don't read it yourselves, OK?

OK, I have a rockin' awesome spot for the next time you want to hide from your owner. Try in the cell phone pocket of their purse or bag, UNDER the cell phone. It's wicked! You don't even jingle when they shake the bag to see if they can hear you in there! They will run around the house for like an hour after they are supposed to be at work or wherever they like to go, and freak out when their kids talk to them because they are trying to concentrate on finding you, and pray fervently, and call their spouses and beg to be bailed out and get mad when their spouses are in the middle of teaching a lab and can't bail them out, and then finally find you after they have given up and decided to work at home and go looking for their flash drive. Freaking hilarious, no?

I am the total hide and seek MASTER!

OK, all you keys out there, tell your people they can come back to the blog now. Don't tell!!!

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SalGal said...

I should have put on a diaper before reading that... I apologize, but I think my keys told your keys what to do because mine did almost the exact same thing last week, only I called my husband in the middle of his teaching (thankfully it was right before recess) bawling hysterically because the kids were driving me nuts (I hadn't taken them to school) and I had just sorted through all the recycling to take in.