Saturday, December 31, 2005

OK to chaos

Christmas was great. Two happy kids, as you can see. This picture was actually from Christmas Eve -- new PJs is an important tradition!

It has been a long, long week of Imaginext castles, Uno, Go Fish, painting birdhouses, Star Wars movies, Star Wars Legos, playing with friends, long walks, gathering acorns, rainy days, wrestling, snuggles, and very persistent mess. That's ok. We've had a fantastic vacation. I scrubbed the bathrooms and made bread. And there's no laundry to catch up on, there's no car cleaning to do ... I may never take a trip again!

It is going to be so, so hard to go back to work Monday.

In other news, we had a Book of Mormon party to celebrate our completion of the book as a family. It's actually our second time through with the kids which I think is not too shabby considering how little and wild they are. We had BOM gingerbread (I still had one package of dough left over) -- shaped like the golden plates and decorated with royal icing and sprinkles. They were cute.

We are planning to head out and see if the creek has flooded. We're getting some rain so far but nothing near as disastrous as what we're hearing about on the radio.

Abe just came in and told me, "Mom, don't get your hopes up for going to a walk. We're going with Dad." Ouch!!!

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SalGal said...

Well you had a way more fun vacation than me! Dennie barfed twice on Christmas day, went to the Dr. on Monday, I got sick on Tues. for the rest of the week while the neighbor kid {who apparently doesn't have parents that care where he is) spent two days at our house, been to the Dr. again today, this time I'm the one with the ear infection and now Bri, B & S are the sickos! Almost makes me wish I had a job to go to on Monday.... almost!