Monday, December 12, 2005

Gratitude journal

Today I am thankful for ...
  • Joaquin Phoenix in I Walk the Line (the rest of the movie, okay, but only Joaquin inspires gratitude)
  • My in-laws, who are never as scary in person as I think they are going to be when I'm anticipating a visit
  • Our new mattress getting delivered at 6 p.m., thanks to my in-laws' generosity
  • Waking up gently at 5:45 a.m. this morning, before the 5:50 alarm jarred me off the edge of the bed
  • Having my workout behind me for the day
  • A peaceful, loving marriage
  • Knowing that in a week I will be done singing all the outrageously high material the ward choir director chose for Christmas this year
  • No dead car batteries or lost keys (I've busted the Monday losing streak I was on!)
  • Weighing in under a significant milestone this morning (a losing streak I want to stay on)
  • Being done with my Christmas shopping -- DONE!
  • Having all the ingredients for fish fajitas in the fridge


Lisa M. said...

I love gratitude journals. Thank you for sharing this one!

I am so glad you broke your Monday Morning streak! Those are the best!


I have awful inlaws. My husband prefers my parents to his. Its kind of sad. I too have found they are less intimidating than I always anticipate.

Have a SUPER Tuesday!

melissa c said...

I loved your blog today! I am so glad someone else out there feels just like me about the inlaws! I get worried and it is never as bad as I think it will be!
I am the choir director in my ward! I bet they all hate me too! Thats OK. Its just for a couple more weeks. Then I get to just sing and not lead. I am so glad!

Rico said...

Question for you... Do you happen to know where I can get choral music for my choir that are arrangements of the pieces the Mormon Tabernacle Choir sings?

Is there a website that keeps track of the songs they sing?

I've only been able to find Jackman Music and Jackman Music Express that carries arrangements that they have sung. Do you know of any other sites?