Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Sing it, Satch

OK! Yesterday sucked! (We had a visit with Z's bio family and met the second cousin who now wants to adopt her!) This morning sucked! (I am so tired and having a hard time with my resolution to break my caffeine addiction!)

I need to turn it around! So we are going to accentuate the positive with a nice little list. Lists always make me happy, unless they are lists of all the brain-numbing tasks I have to do. Maybe after I make the happy list I will have the courage to make the crappy list.

1. I have legal insurance! Yay! Gonna be using that.
2. I have not had a diet soda since Saturday. Go me!
3. K says, "I love you, Mom!" He also speaks in complex sentences! 6 months ago he could only say "no" and "Mommy" and "unh!"
4. S says thank you when I get him food!
5. Cub Scouts is tonight, and I have all the patches sewn on the shirt!
6. Last night I got everyone to agree we are playing too much Wii!
7. Oranges+California+Wintertime=happy!
8. Sleeping for 10 hours Monday night means I don't feel as bad as I maybe might after my intermittent 5 hours or so last night (Z had some yucky uncomfy gas)!
9. I am not sick! Thanks to Airborne I have not really been sick all winter!
10. I dropped a wad at Costco and now do not really have to worry about what to fix for dinner for a while!
11. Trader Joe's Pound Plus Dark Chocolate! Hey, it's antioxidants!
12. I cleaned off the kitchen counter!
13. I shaved my legs and pits for the first time in three (count 'em, three) weeks!
14. My hair is getting long!
15. I am still driving my dream minivan!
16. I got an MP3 player for Christmas!
17. My husband is the best one!
18. I have amazing girlfriends!
19. My candidate is doing great so far!
20. I got to #20 and it only seems a little bit like I am trying too hard! Right?


Denise said...

I might have to contest #17, but yay for the legal insurance! Put it to good use and keep baby Z where she belongs.

Ana said...

Hey, this is about what's good for me!

I thought for sure you'd be contesting #19! Heehee ...

Lucy said...

I don't think you're trying too hard at all! Those are all good things to sing about.

I hope some of your hard things get resolved and soon. Z belongs with you.

Marta said...

Dark chocolate also is good for your teeth. I'm not sure how, but a chocolate-loving dentist told me that. Supposedly, the darker, the better. I would ditch the soda and eat chocolate instead :)

Ana said...

Yes, that's my plan!

There's nothing quite like a sister who really gets you. That's #21.

Rachel said...

sigh, I miss Trader Joe's....