Monday, January 14, 2008

Hey, you, get outta my stall

I have a few questions, none of which, I'm sure, will reveal any of my personal biases or neuroses.
  • Do you have a preferred stall in the public restroom you most frequently use?
  • Do you delude yourself that it is less gross to use a public restroom if you use the same stall every time?
  • Did you know that the FIRST stall in the bathroom is actually the least frequently used and therefore presumably the least germy? (Do you think I'm giving away my stall secrets?)
  • Do you feel annoyed if you go to use the bathroom and someone else is in your stall?
  • Do you feel disgusted and horrified if you go into your stall and someone has failed to flush?
  • Do you think the world may be ending if the toilet in your stall is out of commission?
  • Do you use the paper seat liners?
  • Do you think they really protect you from anything?
  • What do you do if they are gone? Make a little toilet-paper liner? Squat? Cry?


Denise said...

I have neither the coordination nor the thigh strength to do the hover maneuver, so if the liners are gone, I fashion my own from toilet paper. I don't have a high tolerance for other people's butt germs. And ya know, it's funny, but I almost always skip the first stall. I wonder why? How strange. I'll make it a point to use it more often now. Thanks for the tip!

Kari said...

You are SO hilarious!! I've heard the first stall is the most used so I try to use one "towards" the back but not completely at the back. And oh yes, I hate it when the last person did not flush -- SO gross!

And I almost ALWAYS squat! I don't bother with the seat liners. I'm kind of a germaphobic so I refuse to even touch the toliet handle most of the time...I typically use my shoe to flush with in public places (I know, not sanitary but it's usually not sanitary in the first place).

And really, the only public bathroom I use on a regular basis is at the church and I have a choice of 1 of 2 stalls and I like the bigger of the two because the smaller stall I can't even get in and close the door without my skirt almost touch the toliet!