Thursday, January 03, 2008

Hasta never

I am not at all sad to bid farewell to 2007.

OK, yes, I got to go to Alaska and I got an awesome new kid (K) and there were many other good things. But this whole year was so tainted by the awfulness of a month without my baby that I am just really excited to be in 2008 and glad that time moves only forward.

This year I want 2 adoptions and a Ph.D. for G. I want a grownup job for him (a postdoc will count if it must) and a house of my own to paint and pretty up. If possible, I would like for that house to be in a lovely and affordable place where I will live until I am a very old lady and decide to retire to the south of France. Also, I want to go to Hawaii this year. And Disneyland.

I think if I wish for enough things I might get one or two. Don't you agree? The only non-negotiable item on my list is the adoptions.

I have not really made any resolutions for 2008, but one of our old friends has a Facebook group called Health Month that I will probably join. I like it that it doesn't start until Jan. 6, because let's face it, there is still an awful lot of chocolate to eat between now and then. My office mate made a thing called Tiger Butter that will surely kill me between now and Sunday. Then I won't have to swear off anything at all.


ang said...

My New Years resolution is to help you accomplish all of your resolutions!!

kris... said...

I hope you can accomplish all your goals... especially the non-negotiable one!!!

SalGal said...

Yummmm.... Tiger Butter....

Séminaire Cergy said...

I wish for each one of those to come true for you.

Mostly the two adoptions....everything else will happen in its time. But the adoptions, I want them in 2008 for you! :)

Victoria said...

I feel all of them will come true!! :)

As for the Tiger Butter, for me it would turn into Tiger Butt! rofl! Good luck!