Thursday, January 31, 2008

Does he deserve it?


If not, you can always treat yourself.

This from my brilliant-with-the sweet-stuff sister, formerly of Thanksgiving Point's pastry operation and Bouchon Bakery (I almost said Barkery, ha! Apparently that had more to do with the continually-running "Phantom of the Opera" soundtrack she had to listen to all day) in Vegas.

Have you ever noticed that all Valentine gifts are made for women? I never know what to do for my husband for Valentine's Day. (Besides the obvious, of course.) Well this year I was thinking, what man doesn't love cookies? So, I made a cookie bouquet full of the biggest, chewiest, most delicious chocolate cookies you'll find and decorated them as non-girly as I possibly could, and VOILA! A Valentine gift any man would be ecstatic to receive. Or, if your husband is anything like mine, just go ahead and buy one for yourself! They are only $30 and I can even ship it for a little extra. Let me know if you want one for your husband or for you!

Editing to add: THIS IS NOT ME making the cookies. I love them but I am not cool enough to make them and no matter how many times you ask me I could not make, decorate or mail them to you within the next two weeks. Click on the link on "let me know" above to e-mail my sister who would love to make them for you. Or your husband. Honestly, who deserves chocolate cookies more? Be truthful.


SalGal said...

Waittasecond... you MADE those?!?! I don't know why I am so gobsmacked, you are the more Martha of the two of us. Those are amazing!!

I'm getting Brian a straight-edge shave over at the barber's. My friend's husband had one and didn't need to shave for a week after!

P.s. I like that "unbridled giver" term. SO TRUE! But p.s.p.s., I SO take more from you than you do me! Plus, I was talking about one person in particular, and you weren't her. ;-)

Ana said...

No, no, my SISTER made those. Geez, ya, I am not that cool.

I wonder if G would go for a straight-edge shave? It might get him through until 5 in the afternoon if he got it first thing in the morning.

I love my hairy sasquatch husband.

Victoria said...

They are adorable! Talent runs in the family for sure! :)

Kari said...

What a GREAT idea for the guys!!!!