Friday, October 26, 2007

So what are you doing this weekend?

This is my boring answer to the boring question that everyone asks you on Friday afternoon if you are so lucky as to work in an office.

1. Corralling children while G bravely takes his 6-man team to face the dodgeball challenge of the ward in the next town up.

2. Cleaning the bathrooms and doing the laundry, the way I do every week, theoretically. But this week it will be more than theoretical. It's urgent, people.

3. Going grocery shopping with $16 and a pile of WIC coupons. Fortunately I did have a Costco binge earlier in the month and we have plenty of food - I just have to get milk and fruit and eggs, and maybe bread. Anyway ya gotta love a long month. Sometimes it is so problematic to pay for childcare in advance and get foster care subsidies NOT in advance. I can't wait for Nov. 1.

4. NOT going to a gallery opening to which I was personally invited by the artist. Wah! I heard someone say today, "My son is 30 years old and I finally have a life again." Well, I have a life. But it doesn't really include gallery openings. So be it.

5. NOT going to stake Elders' Quorum social an hour away. I feel bad because their activity is going to flop and I know they already feel isolated from the rest of the stake. But honestly, an hour drive? Do you know how much that costs in gasoline? And remember the part about the $16? Plus, they wanted us in costume. Forget it. Mothers who know do less, that's my excuse.

6. Teaching another chastity lesson in Young Women. Really, I wouldn't have made the first one so all-fired good if I knew I had another soapbox in a few weeks. That's ok. I still have plenty to say about sex and how not to have it when you are a teenager.

7. Making a cake. I got a new frosting spreader, the Pampered Chef one. Oh yeah, I am excited. I might even make two cakes. I promised one for the stake youth Halloween party on Tuesday, and I am sure it will not survive if I don't make one for my family, too. See Lucy's recent learned-by-sad experience entry. (So cute!)

8. Thinking about asking for a release. Thinking. No promises. But it is true that I am completely overextended, and I can't think of anywhere else I can cut back.

9. Finalizing my new childcare plan. Did I tell you the littles' babysitter is quitting? Big bummer. But I have a new plan. The new friend, the intimidating one, turns out to have not so much more money than I do. She wants to babysit. She is starting to be quite cool. You know, maybe she will inspire me to be thinner and more organized and stuff. Stay tuned.

10. Messiah choir practice. I know it is just one more thing on my plate. But singing releases endorphins, kind of like running. It's pure joy. Running is not. So which one do you think I am going to do?

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Lucy said...

I hope you got it all done!