Tuesday, October 23, 2007


- Why do two of my kids naturally know how to beat-box? I swear I have not taught them this. And yes, it's the same two kids who look like you would expect them to know how to beat-box.

- How did I drop $30 on pumpkins and squash last night? The pumpkin patch is just so dang cute with all the zinnias and sunflowers hay bales and piles of knobby orange and green and white edibles ... I did get two Radio Flyer wagons full of said edibles for my $30, and two bags of organic dried apricots, so all in all, not too bad.

- Whom do I have to bribe, and how much, to get K in full-day Head Start?

- How did a giant hole appear in my underwear? And why did I end up wearing this holey (hahaha) underwear on the day I wore a skirt? Brrrrrr ... drafty.

- Boys: sometimes they just don't think. That's not a question, but it's still mysterious.


SalGal said...

Oh boys think, it's just... why?

Mary said...

Have they tested K for head start? Maybe he would qualify.

Bek said...

Its the same reason that one of my kids can DANCE (and I mean seriously move) and could since about birth. Also the child that you would sterotype. I guess there is a reason for those stereotypes?

The question now is "how do I turn this into savings for college?" ;-)

Ana said...

He's in Head Start but only half a day right now. I need him in full day because my babysitter wants to quit, and it's just HARD to find someone else who is willing to pick him up at noon at Head Start. Head Start rocks though! He is making awesome progress!

Juggling changing childcare situations is consistently my least favorite aspect of working outside the home.

WatchMeLoseWeight said...

Wish I had an answer for you on Head Start, our head start here would really try to juggle kids around if there was a new need for a full day. Good Luck!


Mini said...

lol Holey underware