Thursday, October 25, 2007

Funnies, verbal and nonverbal

Scene: Getting S up at 6:50 a.m.

S: Everybody get back to bed! It's like 2 in the morning!
Mom: Actually it's almost 7, which is a great time to get up.
S: But it's dark!
Mom: That's because it's almost winter. The days are getting shorter.
S: Does that mean we stay at school for less time?
Mom: No, there's just less and less sun every day.
S: [ponders] THAT SUCKS!

Scene: Saying prayers with K, who didn't get to go to soccer practice with the big boys because of a biting incident.

M: And help me not to bite, AN-Y-MORE.
K: [looks up with devilish grin, clacks his teeth together and nods his head "yes"]
M: Pppppbbbbbbbbhhhhhhhaaaaaah!

(I think that is not how I encourage him to stop biting.)


Heidi said...

ROFL! How FUN! Did you hear about the time Howie was saying a blessing on the food - he was so young - and they were just memorized words, but he couldn't remember one - so he said "bless the and spankin our bottoms" LOL! Wonder what phrases he hears on a daily basis? Kids are so funny, aren't they!

Teri Le said...

LOL, how adorable! I love your kids. I think we're coming down to the beachhouse next summer - we HAVE to get together, k?

SalGal said...

Have you noticed your kids need more sleep the less daylight there is? Mine seem to be needing to move bedtime back to 7:00. And I'm sure we'll switch it again as the days grow longer, but I was just wondering if we're the only family like this?

Ana said...

Yes! They are getting tired earlier, and thank HEAVEN!