Friday, October 12, 2007


Just a few months. Six months, I bet, and I will know

- What is happening with my husband's career
- What is happening with my career
- Where we will live, at least for the next few years
- What is happening with our foster kids
- Whether we can really buy a home in the near future

In the meantime, it is all making me nuts.

Poor G listened to me vent all evening while I was making ravioli and chopped salad for dinner. He reminded me that I get very impatient when he does that (venting). Yah, the difference is, I almost never do it and he does.

Six months. I can stay sane and patient for six months, right?


Mary said...

I totally know how you feel. I HATE not having a plan. It makes me crazy. You can always call and vent to me although it might not feel as productive as venting to G.

Just think how quickly the last six months went--maybe that will make you feel better.

Bek said...

Yikes, that is tricky....

Do you still have Z? It seems like you do... as for the die, die, die story w/ K. Yikes. That little guys has a long road ahead of him, huh? Poor baby.

Ana said...

Almost two years later this post is making me laugh and cringe.