Friday, October 12, 2007

Die die die

That was K's narration for the jack knife picture in "The Little Engine that Could" last night. Complete with stabbing motions.

Normal 3 year olds don't do this, methinks.

I said, "Did you see someone do that?"

He said, "Yeah."

Holy crap. The more verbal he gets, the more I worry.


Denise said...

Dang. That's downright creepy. That poor, poor child.

Sometimes it's hard to keep up hope for this world.

Anne/2rosebud said...

My goodness, Ana. How scary. I'm hoping that maybe, just maybe they allowed him to watch a slasher movie with them, which is bad enough. I hope the poor little guy wasn't a witness to something that happened in real life.

((((HUGS)))) He's so blessed to have you in his life.

SalGal said...

Wow. I'm going to chalk that up to playing with the brothers? I hope???

Séminaire Cergy said...

that is too young to have witnessed that kind of language/behavior (regardless of where he's seen/heard it).

Poor baby.

Ana said...

Sal, a little shoot-em-up play I would expect from the brothers. I have never seen them play at stabbing. Thank goodness!

And yes, I hope it was only in a movie or something, but still! It's shocking someone thinks it's okay to let kids see that!

When S was in preschool I was helping in the classroom one day, and I had a little 4-year-old wanting to tell me all about the "Chucky" movies. Un-freaking-believable!!!