Monday, May 07, 2007

You know they do this for attention

And it's working.

Or, I guess, maybe it gets really cold. You know, when you're skiing in Park City. A couple of people I was with were sorely tempted to buy this as a gift for their husbands.

What stopped them, you ask?

The possibility (probability in my case) that said husbands would actually wear it.

Endless amusement, I tell you.


SalGal said...

I could picture G just being silly enough to wear it. You should've gotten it for Father's Day!!! LOLOL!!!

Kristine said...

I missed that...which shop was it in???
I am laughing because I was shopping at the Park City outlets from about 2 to 6 on Saturday...and I am sure I encountered part of your group in the Gap outlet.
I just thought..."how cool is that, that a bunch of friends met up here for the weekend".
Little did I know that you guys were my internet acquaintances too...!
I'm glad you had a good time, and got to see crazy man underwear too.

Ana said...

It was downtown in the Alaska Fur Gallery.

That is really too bad that we crossed paths and didn't talk! Dang!

Bruce said...

Oh my! One time, after a day snowboarding, we went to Wendy's and I SAW A GUY WEARING ON OF THOSE!!! With jeans! It was a bit awkward, because then you just want to stare, and it's an awkward place to stare at, if you know what I mean.