Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Summer goals

Here are some things I want to do this summer.
  • Cook with fresh, local veggies and fruits. A lot. This is such an easy goal it is almost criminal. This week already we have eaten purple artichokes, baby pattypan squash, and charred corn/peppers/tomatoes. Have I mentioned I love California?
  • Update my Web site workbaby with a search feature and video clips.
  • Go to the beach at least once a month.
  • Work in my garden at least once a week.
  • Go to G's sister's wedding in Alaska in August. I think it really might happen! Alaska in August ... wild blueberries ... state fair ... the midnight sun ... Last time G and I went to our hometown it was July 2000. S was 11 months old. So much has changed, and it has been so long! We didn't think there was any way we'd be doing this trip, but a wedding gives us good motivation. I am excited!
What are your summer goals?


Anne/2rosebud said...

Hi Ana! Those sound like wonderful goals!

I'm going to steal one of yours and serve more local fresh fruits and veggies. We have a farmer's market a few blocks from my house that I'm going to frequent on Fridays. I'm also going to go on more than one camping trip with my family. We went for our first family camping trip last year in Hyrum and it was a blast! We also need to scrape and paint the exterior of our house. We're getting rid of the all-white paint on the wood siding with rust-brown (in the triangle-shaped area near the roof) and going with a taupe color with hunter green (in the triangles) and off-white accents (eaves, windows and porch). Should be a fun summer!

Ana said...

I love the sound of your new colors, Anne! So pretty!

Utahdoula said...

Sunset beach once a month! Sigh. I would love that. I love going there early, just after sunup, to watch the dolphins play in the waves.
My summer goals:
We garden, and I cook from that much of the summer & early fall. Do that again.
Spend a week at a cabin in Idaho with the non-crazy half of my family, without angering the other half. (Wish me luck!)
I have 4 births scheduled - I plan to save the money and use it to go to the Lamaze conference in September (Phoenix).
Get back into a regular treadmill schedule - will be MUCH easier with my 13 yo old home to help with keeping the 5 yo out of trouble.