Friday, May 18, 2007

Commencing today

We graduated 71 bachelors and 4 masters today at our baby hotshot university under sunny skies on the quad. It was gorgeous. I am so sentimental; I got all teary-eyed. Leaving are many of the students who came in as junior-level transfers when we opened in 2005 -- kids I have gotten to know pretty well -- my intern, the student body president and others. Now I am going to have to meet a whole new group of students to go to when I need stuff. Bummer for me. But I am so excited for these smart, hardworking young people.

Imagine what an emotional spectacle I am going to be in a year when G gets his Ph.D. (No pressure, G. HAHA ...)

G and I were talking with my vice chancellor at the reception afterward. He said, "You're not going to get a faculty position somewhere else and take Ana away, are you?"

I said, "That depends on how good my position is!"

He seemed ... open to considering. It was all very informal and jovial. But ... hm. Maybe it's time to get serious about getting myself reclassified (that is university system speak for promoted).

At the same time, I really do think if they get a good media or communications professor in this summer I might think about getting a graduate degree myself.

On a day like today, anything seems possible.

P.S.: I added some lists on the right sidebar so you can see stuff I am nerding on lately as far as music, books and food. Honestly, what else is there?

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ang said...

Carrrrrrrnnnitas. Have you seen that commercial?? And you are making me feel old. I looked through that list of music artist--yeah, didn't know a single ONE of them! I need to get out more.