Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Reasons for the rules

There was a time when I had only one hard-and-fast household rule. This rule was as follows:

1. You must wear at least underwear at the dinner table.

Those were the days of triage parenting. You who have toddlers and preschoolers at home right now know what I am talking about.

Today we have more rules. The interesting part to me is to consider that every rule is made because someone pushed a little too far, things went horribly wrong and we had to set a boundary there. For instance:

2. No sticks in the house or car.
3. Biking and scootering may not be done barefoot. And wear a gol-durn helmet.
4. After being tucked into bed, you get one last request. More than that earns a freak-out from Mom.
5. You may not go outside in socks unless you are also wearing shoes.
6. Close the #$&*! door!
7. No bugs in the house. Not even in a jar.
8. Stay out of the food coloring.
9. No scissors, Game Boys, or toy airplanes at church.
10. Bathing, complete with shampoo and scrubbing, must occur at least three times a week. An adult must supervise the use of any liquid soap products.
11. You may dig only in the specified dirt area. Not in the grass. Even if you are looking for ants.
12. Children must not use eBay.
13. No toys in the washing machine. Or the dryer.
14. The ability to ride a bicycle does not equate to total freedom. Stay in the neighborhood.
15. Almost 8 is still not old enough to drive.
16. Almost 6 is still not old enough to carry a baby across a tile floor.
17. You may not walk through a closed screen door, even if it is already ripped a little bit.
18. No spray paint, ever, ever, ever. Especially not on the new landscape boulder in the neighbor's yard.
19. A power drill is not an earth moving tool. (Wah! My beloved drill!)
20. All is forgiven any time you use these words:
a. Good morning
b. Thank you
c. Okay, Mom
d. I hope you had a good day, Mom
e. I love you


SalGal said...

Well now I have to know what brougt on the "no scissors" at church rule!!

Ana said...

It was not as bad as it could have been. S is obsessed with making snowflakes. No fun to clean up after sacrament meeting.

Utahdoula said...

I want to hear the story behind the eBay rule...

Ana said...

$24 plus shipping for a GameBoy game from the UK. I think the total came to $32.

Again, I know, it could have been way, way worse.

mommy said...

rofl - when my youngest "baby" boy is 5 years old you will have to remind me of these rules so I can post them on our fridge!

Boys are definately different from girls - my current rule list says "no whining" "no hair pulling" "no art supplies in bedrooms" (although sometimes your list does apply to girls- my best friend growing up certainly needed your rules list - her mom would have added - "no jumping from the roof into the wading pool" ;) )

aren't boys lovely creatures though - always entertaining :)

mommy said...

hmmmm - clearly one of my children has changed the name on my blogger acct - rofl -

add another rule to my list - no changing mom's passwords and usernames !!!!

this is Jamie ;) only my kids call me mommy (thankfully!)

Ana said...

Jamie, that is toooooo funny ... I am going to make everybody start calling you mommy all the time now ...

Yeah, you are about to start ALL the boy fun all over again! Crazy lady!

Denise said...

ROFL I loved this post! Your life is an adventure, Ana.

Maralise said...

The fun part of this post for me was imagining the "whys" behind the rule. And, as I have two insanely active boys myself, the possibilities are endless...