Sunday, May 27, 2007

Some guys

  • Orlando Bloom: much more attractive as a dirty pirate than as a blond elf. With a big old scar on him, even better. Surprising myself by liking him more after seeing Pirates 3. Hope I didn't give anything away there for those who haven't seen it yet.
  • Johnny Depp: at his hottest in Chocolat, but funniest in Pirates, of course. (Although I think Jack's alcoholism is getting the better of everyone, including the writers, at this point.)
  • Hugh Laurie: knighted last week, and I forgot he was in Sense and Sensibility! I had to watch it again. He was, of course, brilliant.
  • Ari Hest: have I mentioned my new music crush? Some people might be getting sick of me telling them to listen to Ari Hest. But really, you should listen to some Ari Hest.
  • G: still a way better housekeeper than I am, and hotter than all these guys put together. Too bad for all you other ladies.


Denise said...

We wanted to see Pirates this weekend but by the time we made up our minds to go, it was all sold out. I have to confess, I prefer, oddly, the blond elf version of Orlando Bloom. I ALWAYS like the dark-haired gents, so I don't know why I feel so strongly about Legolas. Maybe it's the awesome way he swings onto a horse and takes down an elephant?

And I LOVED Hugh Laurie in Sense and Sensibility. He nailed that character PERFECTLY.

SalGal said...

Of course I had to re-watch Sense & Sensibility last night. He's not as saucy as I remember him, but perfect nonetheless.

I've never been big on Orlando. Until Saturday. That darkness and scar.... almost makes me want him more than Jack.

But not quite. ;)

Heidi said...

Yah - Orlando is HOT in that last scene - it's the long hair? the Do rag? I don't know - but DANG! I was more Johnny before Priates 3 - but now, I'm Orlando, ALL THE WAY! Go you little dark haired rugged boy, go!

ang said...

Orlando? Oh yes, completely agree. As big of a fan that I am of LOTR, I like him soooo much better as a swashbuckler!

I can do without Hugh--unless it's Hugh Grant, lol. I recently saw "Music and Lyrics". I think that is the first movie I have seen where I was laughing during the opening credits!!! Took me right back to my early college days and MTV.

You forgot one person....Colin. Colin Firth...sigh.

Jennifer said...

Love Ari Hest. His music is great and I'm totally loving the new album "The Break-In." Plus, he's super-sweet to his fans. Can't beat that.