Thursday, May 17, 2007

Cheechako kids go north

I did it! We are going to Alaska in August! Thanks to some creative booking and help from G's dad's frequent flier miles, we will get 4 people from Sacramento to Fairbanks for just under $1900. That is really, really cheap. And if we take Z on our laps it will be 5 people for that amount!

I am so excited for my boys to see Alaska, which is where their daddy grew up and where I met him. All the stuff I said before ... plus biking on Farmer's Loop, hiking at Granite Tors, playing at Alaskaland, ice cream at Hot Licks, sandwiches at Bun on the Run (please still be there, Bun on the Run ...), fireweed and bluebells, foxes on Chena Ridge -- so many fun things.

G reminded me that we will be there for our 14th wedding anniversary on August 6. We were also there for our 1st anniversary in 1994. We went picnicking and swimming (!!!) at the Chatanika River. So gorgeous. I think of it every time we are up at Briceburg near where we live now to play and swim in the river.

(S originally thought we were saying Price Burger when we headed up there the first time. He was so disappointed that there were no french fries! He was only 5 then ... so long ago!)

By the way, I have no idea how you really spell cheechako, but that is the Alaska slur for a lower-48er. Someone unwise to the ways of the frozen north. Not that August will really initiate the kids, but it's a start. And I'm certainly not planning to expose them to 60-below with ice fog anytime soon.

In other news, I took Z for portraits at Sears today with her biological mom and older half-sister. We got some darn cute ones. And that indignant scream-squawk-squeal in the video below ... might make ME start doing drugs if she keeps it up. It was cute at first, but OH ... my gosh.

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SalGal said...

I can just feel the excitement! It makes me wish we lived further from where I grew up so we'd be able to have such fond memories to share with the boys. But alas, with Happy Valley not so far away, the magic fizzled out in about 3 minutes flat! ;-)