Sunday, April 30, 2006

I would have preferred this

But instead I worked my booty off this weekend. Cleaned up the kitchen, family room, two bathrooms and hell-hole of a computer room. Unpacked the three boxes that I never unpacked when we moved into this house. Organized a closet. Wrote thank you notes for the wonderful birthday gifts and celebrations. (G and the boys did a great job babying me, and I have a pretty new Bondi BBQ grill to play with!) Made new job charts for the short people in the family.

This picture, by the way, was taken two weeks ago by G when I was sneaking some Sunday afternoon beauty rest. (Yes, with makeup on, sorry Mom.) I said to him, "What were you going to do if the flash woke me up?" He said, "Uh, I don't know ..." Big forehead slap right there. Boys are funny that way.

In another by the way, I understand my mom, dad and grandma are now reading Watch Out for Mama. Welcome, Nelsonics!

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Marta said...

Me too Ana! We're all loving it, although I don't think Mom knows how to find this, so Dad and I usually just update her on what we've read. So far so good! (Don't you just hate it when you get mascara on your pillow? Maybe it's just me, but I sure do.) Love you so much, and sorry I forgot to put happy birthday in the card I sent!