Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Now I don't want to look at it

After all my jubilant basking in the glow of my completed first draft of the university style guide, now that the time has come to revise it, I wish I could run away and never see it again.

Today would be a great day to run away. The sun is shining, the almond trees are beginning to bloom ...

Also, I would get out of the Young Women activity I am in charge of tonight. It's a "Reality Town" to teach the young women about keeping a budget. They'll choose a career, get a pretend monthly salary, and go around to different tables to bank and spend their money. I still have so much to do for it, it's not funny at all. Basically, a lot of copies still to make and the room to set up. The thing starts in three hours. One of those hours is committed (well, semi-committed) to work. Then I still have to go home and feed the fam as well as stop by the food co-op sometime between 6 and 7 to order my cheap natural foods and organic produce. This is the only day for that until next month (March! Next month is March! Man!) so I can't skip it.

Lest this blog become a one-note symphony, I'm overwhelmed. Again.

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