Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Why you oughta Watch Out

So my office buddy saw the title of this blog and asked about it. And I realize I haven't ever explained it, even to my co-bloggers. So here is the story.

For some reason I end up doing most of the minor household repairs. For example, last weekend I took the back off the washing machine to see if the pump was cracked. (It wasn't; the pipe was blocked. I fixed it with Drano, which means all the work taking off the back was totally pointless.) Anyway a couple of years ago I fixed the track for a sliding closet door in our old house. My husband acted impressed. I revved my Makita and quipped, "Watch out for Mama with the power drill!"

So maybe there's some subtext there about gender roles and stuff. Whatever. I like the power drill.


Jamie said...

oh......a fellow fix-it woman!!!! :) I seriously have regretted not following my dad's suggestion and becoming a mechanic of some sort (he is a auto and elevator/escalator mechanic). I just love teaching so much that I followed that route instead. The money sure would have been better in the "fixing" field, LOL.

It is in my blood to fix things! I have had generations of "fixers" behind me (men and women)showing me the way. I love fixing things and using the power tools, that is pure fun ;) I LOVE that my kids see me fixing and doing as much (or more in most cases)as their dad around this house and yard. I try hard to show my kids a non-sexist attitude about things like fixing things. When I was in high school I had to fully fix and restore my dads VW bug before I could drive it!

I love the name of this blog! :) Go Mama Go!

Stephen said...

Another woman who owns a power drill (my wife has two).

Now all you have to do is learn to lay tile.

Wish your new university luck and when they decide to do mediation, let me know.


Ana said...

Stephen, you're our first non-team commenter! We love it! Can you feel the love!?!?

Seriously, thanks for reading!