Friday, February 18, 2005

Funny, random stuff

My husband is so funny. Funny, funny, funny.

I came into work early today. We had family prayer in the boys' bedroom just as they were waking up. I kissed their sleepy little heads and took off.

An hour later, my dear husband called me on the phone. He was at the gas station, filling up the car before taking my older son to school.

"Did you give Sam his medicine today?"

He was still in bed when I left, dear husband. You will have to go back home and get the medicine.

"Do you know what happened to that mix tape you made for me in 1993?"

No, dear husband. I do not know.

Was I like this when I stayed at home?

Yes, I'm afraid I was. I called him every stinkin' day of the week to find out what time he would be home. Especially when he was a consulting engineer, because his schedule varied so much. But I called for dumb little things, too.

Actually, I still do. Yesterday morning he was all worried about a meeting he had scheduled with his Ph.D. advisor for the afternoon. So I called at 4 pm to see how it went. Oops, he was still in the meeting at 4 pm. That was kind of a faux pas.

Wouldn't it be nice if we could just both stay at home and be able to ask each other these silly questions without interrupting each other's work?

Maybe that's why so many people are trying to do Amway and stuff. When we were newlyweds, someone tried to sign us up. "You could be home with your family all the time," said the would-be Amway boss. "You could be a geologist ... as a HOBBY!"

We say that all the time now. "You could be a writer ... as a HOBBY!"


Kitti said...

This is so true for me and my husband too. It's how we stay in touch throughout the day. It does get so silly sometimes. "Hi, honey, do you know where the brush is? Have you seen ...? When are you leaving work?" Oh well, what can you do? It's nice that we want to talk to each other.

Essy said...

Hi Ana, good topic. I try to be aware and not call my DH all the time...but sometimes it just gets to be too much, and I just have to talk to someone or I feel like I'll explode (and he's it!). Luckily, he doesn't seem to mind much and I can tell when he has others in his office anyway and try to keep it short.

Lisa M. said...

This is my first time visiting this blog and I LOVE it ! Thank you ...

My husband works away and isn't home most nights. We communicate a million times a day via phone, email, and text messaging. (which is quickly becoming one of my favorites)

Saturday night I was driving home from a city about an hour away, and I phone him and said, "I am tired babe, you need to keep me awake" And he placates me. Half the time he talks about his work, which I really don't understand. But it is more than words, isn't it? It is the thread of communication... that means so much. Wether it is "where is the brush" to, "I can not beleive that Howard Dean would do that" or, "Your baby just made a HUGE mess, get home and fix it." It is beyond the words. It is the extention of us... A way to make our lives, more "together" parallel.

I don't really think I am a person, who is co-dependant. I function really well by myself. I run the household, most of the time, and my husband is very involved in his work.. but when we can communicate even about the little things, it grants me a smile, that.. helps me along the way. I think it is that way for the both of us.

I love, getting those little, "I love you" text messages! *chuckle*

liltreefrog said...

Hubby and I email each other sometimes 5 or 6 times a day with this stuff... Did you drop off that package at the post office? What is for dinner? Can you pick up milk on the way home? You won't believe what this kid just did...

It does help us keep connected, especially because from the time we get home, the kids require most of our attention - sometimes the whole evening goes by and I haven't even had the chance to say, Hey - how was your day?

Ms. Jane Doe said...

I so relate, except that DH and I don't require a cell phone or email to communicate.

DH is a writer and has an office in our home; my employer allows me to telecommute, so I too have an office in our home. Each office is on separate floors. During the day I will run upstairs to tell DH something or other, or he'll come downstairs for a quick chat on whatever is going on with his work.