Friday, February 11, 2005

A small dose of Mommy guilt

I've gotten in the bad habit of always just responding to what Ana posts... Figured I should post something original for a change!

I have been really sick this week - I've already missed two days of work and had court this morning plus depositions this afternoon. Very very busy day. I was short-tempered this morning with my children. They were being pokey and grumpy and I was in a hurry. Marc kept complaining he didn't want to go to Miss Cynthia's (their daycare mom) and I was ignoring his grumblings.

Anyway, I picked him up this afternoon and Miss Cyn tells me he's been complaining all day that his throat hurts and he can't breathe. He hardly ate anything for dinner. So I take his temperature and he's got a slight fever. Poor darling- it never occurred to me that he could be coming down with the nasty bug I just got over! So I'm feeling a mild pang of bad-mommy for not being more in tune with his signals.


Jamie said...

I've btdt and it sure makes a mommy feel yucky right along with the kid.

This year my dd was grumbling about not feeling well, I felt her head, not hot so off we go to school (she goes to the school I work at), on the way there she starts looking a bit "off", by the time we pull into the parking lot she is "warm" to the touch. Take her into the office to have the nurse take her temp. 101, white spots in the back of her throat and dd proceeds to throw up.

Poor kid, all her mom wanted to do was go to work and not call in sick :( guilt guilt guilt guilt

Ana said...

Amen, girlfriend ...

In January Abe was so cranky and whiny for such a long time, and he had his perpetual runny nose which never goes away (before I had kids I was SURE that was never going to be my child!) but I would not keep him home because, COME ON, runny nose? We do not stay home for that. Finally one day his teachers called me and said his eyes were goopy and they really thought he should be taken to the doctor. I took him to the evening clinic that night (of course this happened when DH was out of town! Argh!) and he had infection in his ears, eyes and sinuses! Poor guy was miserable for such a long time! That was when we had to do 7 days of eye drops 4 times a day and 10 days fo antibiotics twice a day. MISERY! He was such a trooper and I felt like such a loser for not realizing he was more sick than just a runny nose! In my defense, he did NOT have a fever the whole time ... go figure ...

Anyway, Amy, it's definitely NOT JUST YOU! Sickness is three times the bummer it would normally be when you are WOH!