Friday, February 04, 2005

We forgot my son's medicine yesterday

Oh boy, talk about guilt.

It was such a rushed morning; Samuel didn't get out of bed until 7:40 and we have to be out the door at 7:50. Granted, I was up and ready, and I could have gotten him up. But he ... ah, now this sounds so silly, but he looked like he needed more sleep. Anyway, I dressed him, shoved an Eggo waffle into his hand and took him to the bus stop. Poor kid. His teacher called my husband after kindergarten was over and asked if Sam had had meds. Nnnnnnnnnope.

She said she was amazed once more at the contrast. "Everything is exaggerated when he's not medicated," she said. "I tell him to get his crayons from his cubby, and I look over, and the crayons are on the floor, and then he's on the floor."

When my husband told me that, all I could do was laugh. Welcome to the last 5 years of my life -- everything exaggerated. That's one of the truest descriptions I've heard of life with an unmedicated person with ADHD. Everything they do is out of bounds, out of control.

At his afterschool program, Sam sassed the teacher all afternoon, we heard. At home, he broke my umbrella. I remembered when he used to break something almost every day -- clocks, doors, shelves ... it's a wonder we have anything left, really.

I know he didn't feel good about that day. I feel bad that he had it because I didn't do my job properly in the morning. I think it affects how he feels about himself when he can't get his behavior under control.

Here's to a better day today.

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Jamie said...

(((((((hugs)))))))))) from a mom with a child whose behaviors and actions are also quite "exagerated" when I forget to give her meds to her......the difference is "night and day" and even my *once reluctant to admit that her grand daughter has ADHD* mil now admits that there is a HUGE difference between days she is on the med and days she is not.

Sorry it was such a rough day......

I recieved many a phone call from her teacher in 3rd grade asking if Alex had taken her med's or not, that year was the first year she fought me on it (Alex). Luckily I was a sahm the first two years (1st and 2nd) so I would just drive to school on the occasion that she did not take her pill.

My son is on meds for ADD, he is not hyperactive and never has been, just attention deficit. When he doesn't take his meds he is a complete ditz, he is overly sleepy, and soooo hungry he eats me out of house and home.

Be glad there is a slow release tablet on the market now! When there were only the 2 to 3 x a day versions the kids (in my experience) had many highs and lows during the tiring (for them and the adults in their lives).