Monday, May 12, 2008


I think S may have had a panic attack last night - rapid mouth breathing and racing heart, crying, feeling very very scared with no identifiable source.

I think we will be talking to his pediatrician about it ... but I kind of do not want him on another medication so I wanna go in armed with info if possible!

Do you have experience with this? How about your kids? Do you have a good place online to read about it?


SalGal said...

Yeah, that sounds like panic attack to me. Which you know I know all about.

After doing a little research, it seems that panic disorder is not uncommon in people with ADD & ADHD. It may also be a side affect from Adderall. Not exactly comforting, I know, but it gives you a starting point on what to do next.

It seems that most children respond well with a combination of CBT, counseling, and medication. Some meds for panic disorder do not necessarily have to be an ongoing thing, it can be on an as-needed basis (which is how I handle my attacks).

I found these bits of info for you:

I hope that helps. That's a lot for one kid to be going through!

Ben said...

My youngest brother used to have panic attacks. He called them scary feelings because he didn't know how else to describe them. I remember that one doctor said that lots of weird stuff happens to children but they grow out of it. Another doctor said that it was probably panic attacks and as long as they weren't debilitating and ended when puberty began that he would be ok without medication. He would just breath heavily and curl up in a little ball. My mom (or any of us) would hold him until the breathing slowed. He would say he was ok and then quickly fall asleep for a few hours.

I don't know if its the same thing. If you want to talk to my mom, shoot me an email and I can get you her email address.

Ana said...

Sal, what is CBT? Cognitive behavioral therapy maybe?

SalGal said...

Yes, sorry I figured you already knew what it was.

Bek said...

Ana, I have had them too. I always feel really hot and then the breathing starts. It is really scary. Mine were related to PTSD, and I have had great results with something called Rapid Eye MOvement therapy, but it only works if you know what the trigger is.

Poor S. Good luck! Another way to describe how I feel when I am having a panic attack is that I want to rip my skin off and just somehow get OUT of myself....