Sunday, May 11, 2008

700 club

Happy Mother's Day! See past MD posts here and here. I don't have anything new to say about it at this point. Maybe after tomorrow when I have had time to think about it. That makes it not very timely, I know.

We have decided for MD and FD this year we are going to go see REM and Moby in the next couple of months. Fewer things, more experiences. I am down with that! Someone warned us not to expect anything approaching the coolness of the U2 concert we saw in 2006. OK. But it will still be fun. And I am finally seeing REM ... 19 years after being jerked away from the civilized world before getting to see the Green tour. I did meet G in Alaska the same month my friends back in Pittsburgh were watching Stipe & co. singing "Stand," etc. on stage. So, you know, life makes up for things. And now I will see a much more, um, mature version of the band with a wider repertoire and I am thinking (having heard them on Fresh Air a few weeks ago) probably not so much heroin. Just a guess.

This is the 700th post on Watch Out for Mama! Do you think at some point I will find something better to do with my time?

I have been
  • writing
  • planting
  • snuggling
  • singing
  • shopping
  • listening
  • planning
Life's pretty good.

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