Friday, May 02, 2008

Just this

You probably have pretty much no idea how crazy we are about this girl.

But since Sally tagged me, I will tell you 10 things about here that make me, personally, cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs about her.
  1. She wakes up singing "Patty Cake" - no words, but perfect pitch and rhythm.
  2. Her limited communication skills make it a fun (usually) guessing game to find out what she wants. When you get it right, she claps and smiles.
  3. If I pick her up, she hugs me. Tight. Same favor for her daddy. She also willingly distributes kisses.
  4. She likes me to lie beside her and let her pull my hair until she falls asleep at night.
  5. She appreciates dark chocolate and snap peas.
  6. She has The Cheeks.
  7. She is so soft, all over. So much that her nickname is Squishy. When she was in a biting phase last summer it was Squishy Love With the Sharp Part.
  8. One time she bit my argumentative brother-in-law's toe.
  9. She is a good little listener for story time. And she folds her arms Sunbeam-style for prayers.
  10. She loves the wind. When you take her outside in the wind she squints and smiles
I don't like calling people out. But if you want to do this about someone you love, well, consider yourself tagged!


MaryRuth said...

She's beautiful.

WatchMeLoseWeight said...

Ana... LOVE IT!

SalGal said...

Hey, I can't remember if I ever passed this site on to you or not:

You will freaking love it!!!

Newsgrrl said...

What an adorable little girl. Ana, I can only imagine how joyous you feel knowing she will officially be yours (simply confirming what fate had in mind all along).

Dana said...

Oh my! Just... OH MY! :)
I need to smooch on her BAD!!