Wednesday, May 07, 2008

I feel a list coming on

Sometimes you just have to let it all out. Here is more stuff I am liking lately. Remember, nobody pays me for this. It is straight from the heart, kids. Me and my love for weird, sometimes stupid stuff.
  • Music downloads from Amazon. I told you I was all Amazonny. Now I am even more that way. Every week they have songs that are free, and they are cool. Like, this week, you can get Dolly Parton (I love Dolly, OK?) and Nick Lowe songs. Free. The album downloads are also pretty cheap and they do not have the crappy DRM or whatever encoding that iTunes and Rhapsody have, assuming we are all criminals. Therefore I have recently added the Breeders (yay), Carole King, Gnarls Barkley, the Juno soundtrack and some other fun things to my library.
  • To go with that: Sony headphones that wrap around my ears. Mine are pink, not green. They were cheaper that way. These are good for me because I tend to swing my arms around wildly while on the treadmill. I have been known to send headphones flying.
  • Close your ears, squeamish boys: Tampax Pearl tampons. These are theeee best. Cool, functional packaging plus design innovations to the actual product. They work better and are easier to use. I will not get all graphic on you. That is all.
  • Two cute adoption movies: Juno. Martian Child. Get thee to thy Netflix queue and add. (That list item was worth it just for the fun experience of typing the word queue.)
  • Spega yogurt. This is fancy Italian yogurt sold in adorable glass jars. I found it, of course, at the dollar store, two jars of cinnamon-ginger flavor for 99 cents. But I might pay more for it if I saw it elsewhere, because I am in love with the cute jars and I want to collect them. These are going to be recycled as little vases in my house. They look like short, chubby milk bottles. If I were a regular milk bottle, Z would be a Spega yogurt jar. (I previously mistakenly thought this yogurt was called Riga. I apparently had Latvia on the brain for some strange reason. Enjoy the spiffy Italian Web site and drool over the cute jars!)
  • Raley's TableTalk. Great coupons every week. I don't do my regular shopping at Raley's. It is too expensive for me. But it is kind of between home and work, and I occasionally stop there for a jug of milk or a sandwich from their deli or something. With the coupons I can usually get something free along with it. This week: flowers. Free flowers! Heck yes!
  • My favorite Facebook applications: (Lil) Green Patch and Pieces of Flair. Why do these things suck me in? Cute plants with cartoon baby faces. Cute buttony ways to show off photos and distribute clever sayings. I am just a sucker for this stuff, in spite of the inexplicable parentheses.
  • Online TV. We are philosophically opposed to paying for cable or satellite, at least most of the time. Our antenna got broken a while ago. We do not really miss it at all, thanks to full episodes online. Now that nobody's striking, every weekend we have a little TV party (sing the Dead Milkmen song with me - yes, I have younger brothers) to catch up on The Office and Ugly Betty. On Mondays while I complete certain boring aspects of my job I can watch Extreme Makeover Home Edition or maybe a little Hell's Kitchen. (How's that for polar opposites of reality TV?) The only thing we sadly can't see that way is American Idol. However, my inability to access that favorite show is saving me an awful lot of time this year. I mean, it's on twice a week!


SalGal said...

- Tampax Pearl are theeee bomb!!

- Consider them added.

- You should probably bring some of that yogurt to the party.

- Have a fantastic day!

Lucy said...

I honestly can't imagine getting excited about tampons, but I'll take your word for it.

As for all the other stuff, I haven't even heard of it, or considered it. Consider one of your fans enlightened.

Leisha said...

My kids love the movie Martian is so endearing!

I love your list too, that is all.