Monday, November 28, 2005

Write your own

We're at home. The story includes these elements. Weave them together for your own exciting narrative!

- carsickness, complete with vomit
- undressing and redressing a pukey four year old on the side of the road in Nevada (cold and windy)
- "Eating Goober Peas" over and over and over and over
- A small snowstorm
- A major road delay (someone else's accident)
- Croup
- A steamy hotel bathroom
- A loud hotel smoke detector
- Screaming sirens at 4 AM -- police and an ambulance in the hotel parking lot.
- Irrational, sleep-deprived worries that someone, somehow, found out we had disabled the smoke detector
- Triaminic, a blessing from heaven
- One bored big brother who found out he does in fact enjoy playing with his little buddy and misses him when he's sick
- A dang cold house
- A miracle goldfish who survived 10 days with no food
- A mountain of laundry (I know, that's in all my stories)

1 comment:

SalGal said...

Hey, nothing says "Welcome to Nevada" like a warm stream of pee leaving a little one's body in the middle of a snowstorm on the state line!

I'm so glad you're back!! I'm so sad it sucked!! I guess it just gives you all the more incentive to stay in California, huh? ;-)