Thursday, November 10, 2005

Not to waste it

Okay, after reading Sally's ambitious holiday planning list I am determined not to waste my day off tomorrow (Veteran's Day). I have a rare opportunity in that Glenny got the house very nearly immaculate and the laundry caught up so that we would not be embarrassed to have babysitters at our house last night. (He is awesome!!)

Now, that said, he is not going to be around tomorrow. He is going up to Yosemite to get some new water samples. Poor, poor man. It will be a pretend-I'm-a-SAHM day. That's cool.

So here is what I am gonna do:
  1. Work out (lower body weights)
  2. Shower and dress (hey, it doesn't always happen on days off)
  3. Put dinner in the crock pot (slowcooked bbq beef, yum yum)
  4. Take the kids shoe shopping (heaven help us all)
  5. Do something fun, like maybe the park, or if I am feeling rich after shoe shopping, see Chicken Little
  6. Patch nail holes in the wall in the living room (yes, the landlord should've done this but I am a realistic kind of girl and anyway, I enjoy spackling)
  7. Cut down the pumpkin and squash vines and dead sunflower stalks from the back yard
  8. Put away all the papers on my desk and on the kitchen counter before they get out of control
  9. NOT play on the Internet all day!

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