Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Shameless raves

Here is some stuff I am loving lately. Yes, I know it's just stuff. I know this is a blatant knuckling under to commercial interests. Frankly I don't really think they care.

Orbit gum. I never thought I'd leave Trident, but I'm a sucker for the cool package.

RealRhapsody. I just cannot say enough about this. Without it I probably would not be enjoying Frank Black's new CD Honeycomb right now, and it's awesome. Not to mention my rockin' awesome playlist of '80s electronica.

Power Bars. It's like giving your kids expensive candy, but it has vitamins and protein, so it's more than that.

Those little bowl-shaped corn chips made by Tostitos. I forget what they call them. They are so cool. Every bite is like a little Mexican-tinged hors d'oeuvre.

Haagen Dazs Dulce de Leche with half the fat. There is a god.

Snapfish. I've been using it for almost 5 years now and I told our IT guy this morning that it's like a backup. If my house burns down I don't have to rush into the smoke for my family photos. They're all online.

Coldwater Creek's 50% off sale. Oh, yes. Yes, yes.

Self-tanning spray. Mine is a generic. It still works great. It's the only way my skin will ever be anything but transparent. And I certainly cannot go around wearing pantyhose in this heat.

I think that's all the rave reviews for now.


Lisa M. said...

I love good raves! Thanks for the tips!

Suzie Petunia said...

I buy Orbitz peppermint flavor in bulk at Costco. No kidding.

Which generic spray-on tan? I've been meaning to try that...

Ana said...

Thanks guys!

My generic spray on ... I think I got it at Smith's or possibly Fred Meyer when we still lived in Utah. I just found it again when we moved in the spring. It's a knockoff of the Neutrogena kind, I'm pretty sure. Continuous spray, rather than pump action, is key. Also doing it right after you shave. I think they have even better kinds now, but I can't bring myself to buy any without using my old stuff up first. It's that Mormon Pioneer blood, I guess. Waste not, want not, for a fake tan.

My brother swears by the mist-on tan. He calls it going to get spray-painted. Funny boy.