Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Hey, I won

I called the radio station today and won 2 tickets to the preview of The Fantastic 4. Yay, a date! To get there, we have to drive to Fresno to pick up the tickets and then find the theater in Clovis (north of Fresno -- kind of where the temple is). Yay, a long date! And it's tomorrow!

I'm totally excited for this movie. I don't know if this comes from living in little boy world as I did for 5 years, or what, but I get totally jazzed over superhero and comic book movies. Maybe it is just my inner geek showing through. For example, that upside down kiss in Spiderman? Hottest movie kiss, ever, in my book.

Speaking of which, the DJ was a huge flirt. He kept playing my laugh back to me and it got a little embarrassing. Then after finding out my birthday (they have to do that, I guess) he asked me if what he heard about thirtysomething women was true. Thank goodness we were no longer on the air at that point. I told him ...

YES, IT'S ALL TRUE! Not that it's any of his business, but life is good lately. That will set his little mind spinning when I pick up the tickets tomorrow ... slightly chubby, slightly mommyish looking me.

Guess I better start calling for a babysitter.

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Tandy said...

Ana, you crack me up! I'm glad you get a date night - we take them whenever we get them, but it's not often enough! I bet DH can't wait until I'm thirty-something...

Enjoy the movie! We snuck out for a late-night showing of Mr. and Mrs. Smith last week and it was fun. It was even a work night. Oh, the silly things that excite us now. :)