Tuesday, July 26, 2005

My new identity

So my 4 year old is totally obsessed with super heroes, especially their costumes. The important people in his life know this. His birthmom sent him a Robin (the Boy Wonder) costume for his birthday a couple of months ago, and he was a lot happier with that than with the action figures from mom and dad. Even though we did give him Green Lantern, John Jones, Batman, the Batmobile and the Bat Jet/Motorcycle Combo.

Today I emerged dressed for work in flowing red pants, a white tee, and a big white linen overshirt. Nice loose clothing for a very hot summer day in the Central Valley. I haven't worn the linen shirt since last year because it needed to be ironed. Ironing takes a year at my house.

4 year old immediately responded.

"Are you doing science at work today?"

You see? He thought it was a lab coat. His dad has one. So does Bill Nye.

I didn't take the time to explain that I am a mere science writer, not a real scientist. So why was I surprised at his farewell when I dropped him off at preschool?

"I love you, Science Girl."

I am now a superhero. Figures I would be a nerdy one.

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Syndee said...

Writing science by day fighting science crime by night! Abe just cracked me up! I want to know where to get one of those John Jones action figures. Looks like I myself a super hero!