Thursday, July 21, 2005

Props to Jake

My little brother Jake (who has been taller than I am for about 10 years now, causing people to look at me with scorn when I call him my little brother) just got a new job. He is going to be the property master at Juilliard. Yep, the Juilliard. It only took me three tries to spell it correctly when I googled it after hearing this news, so that's pretty good.

This is great news for Jake because after a degree in Theater Tech Design in 1999 or 2000 (sorry, I forget which year) it has been a constant struggle for him to stay employed in the fickle world of the theatre, with an -re. He's had some good experience but nothing you could call steady. He deserves this just for sticking with the theatre, which was more than I could do after I started taking drama classes in college and realized how strange everyone there really was. Even stranger than me. So I fled. But Jake just switched to the tech side and with only the bias of a big sister I have to say he is extraordinarily talented with it.

When I hear something as outrageous as the recent flap from Tom Cruise and his fellow Scientologists about medications and stuff, I just remember to myself how weird all those theatre people were, and say to myself, "Tom Cruise is one of those people."

Anyhow, props to Jake! Get it? Huh?

I'm so proud of him! Now we have two higher-education staff members in the family!

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SalGal said...

Holy Spicoli! (If you "get" that, let me know) I used to want to go to Juilliard when I was little. Yeah, I watched Fame and everything. I just knew that I was going to be a big star.


Props to the bro!