Thursday, March 25, 2010

Historical impulse

All through our Revolution and Constitution homeschool lessons, S and I both have yearned to go and see the places where our history took place. He especially wants to visit Monticello. Man, would that be fun!

Today, thanks to the incomparable architect of that place, our American History text brought our yearnings basically right to our doorstep. Well, compared with Monticello.

And it was in the high 50s today in southwest Montana. Not a day to stay indoors.

So we impulsively packed everybody up, threw some raisins and almonds and bread in the back of the car in case we got hungry, and headed for Missouri Headwaters State Park, near Three Forks, Montana. Here's where Lewis and Clark (and York and Sacagawea!) named the Jefferson and Madison rivers, realized they had no idea where to find the headwaters of the Columbia and perhaps began to clue in that there was no Northwest Passage. But wow, what a beautiful spot! And they were there in July instead of March ... I bet it was even more amazing.

We are so lucky to live in this awesome place!


Hi I'm Amy, said...

WOW that is so amazing that you could go and see that! I love history that you can bring your kids to so they can actually stand and see it... I think it helps them to really learn it. THe last 2 years we were lucky enough to go to Williamsburg and visit Yorktown and Jamestown. IT was really neat to be able to see those places and walk around. Love reading your blog.

伯臻采男 said...
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