Tuesday, March 09, 2010


A took a moment at dinner tonight to explain to Z how one progresses through Primary.

A: "First I was a Sunbeam like you, and then I was in the next class, and the next class, and the next class, and the next class, and now I'm a Valentine."

At least he didn't say "Violent." When newlywed G and I taught that class we called them the "Violent Bs." For good reason, too.

A is actually more of a sweetheart. And Valiant. That, too.


Braden said...

It was nursery where you met my kids, right? Not Violent Bs?

Ana said...

Yes, nursery, and your kids were as sweet as sweet could be. We had the Violent Bs when we lived down on 5th West, the first year of our marriage.

Angela said...

I love the Valentine comment...I agree, much better than Violent which is what I typically call them also. :o)

by the way I tagged you on my blog. I gave you an award and now you get to pass it on!