Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Only dreaming

I've been working on our tax return. Because we were pretty much poorhouse material last year but still managed to buy a house in December, and because of economic stimulus tax credits, it's looking pretty good for us.

So I am dreaming about remodeling our kitchen. Maybe even this summer. More like, staying up all night, googling pictures and obsessing.

Want a peek into my dreams?

Pale blue glass mosaic tile backsplash. Super pretty, lots of light reflection, so pale it's pretty much neutral but will still make a nice contrast with the other materials I'm thinking about.

Copper countertop. I know I want copper in this kitchen - I like the idea of a coppery kitchen in the Copper City! Plus I love that it provides a sterilizable surface comparable to stainless steel, but with a warmer, less industrial look. I like it that you are SUPPOSED to let it show evidence of your work in the kitchen - ring marks and stuff are part of the patina.

The kind of faucet that turns on when you touch it with your elbow. This one is from Delta. I want that bad!

Medium-toned cabinets with integrated handles or possibly no handles. These are from IKEA but I'm not married to that. I like them.

More to come, I hope.


Julie P said...

I love dreaming of things like that. I have hundreds of pages ripped out of magazines that feature things I LOVE in other homes. Then I saw this yesterday: http://placetobloom.blogspot.com/2010/03/home-tour-with-jayne-wells.html
and decided I MUST find red leather couches.

Crysty said...

LOVE the copper counter top! Can't wait to see what you do!

Crysty said...

Oh, I've ALSO been coveting that faucet that turns off and on by touch! Every single time I scrub all the stuff off my faucet handle from my own dirty hands!

Ana said...

Julie, my mom has awesome red leather couches. She got them someplace on Highland Drive in SLC, I think.

MollyJae said...

I love the ideas, don't we all have a lot of dreams?

Braden said...

"ring marks and stuff are part of the patina" this is my new motto--gray hairs and an ample stomach are part of my patina.

別跟我說 said...
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